Analysis International aim to create confidence and improved analysis of financial intelligence

"I was not previously aware of how in-depth and beneficial a financial investigation can be to an otherwise non-financial crime" - US Federal Law Enforcement (United States 2016)

"The most engaging class I have ever attended" - World Top 15 Bank (United Kingdom 2016)

"Interesting and informative, the instructors were very knowledgeable"- Financial training institution (Luxembourg 2017)

"Everything was valuable. The real life case studies, the breadth of experience of the two instructors, the live case. It was nothing short of awesome" - Financial Regulator (Canada 2017)

"Adopting the Analysis International mindset has assisted in fighting terrorism within the country" - World Top 30 Bank (Netherlands 2017)

"After completion of the course, using the skills acquired we successfully identified a terrorist cell and prevented an attack" - US Regional Bank (United States 2015)