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Updates from our current training programmes


Lombard International Assurance - March 2019

Analysis International continues to support the financial sector of Luxembourg with the recent delivery of in -house training exercises on Human Trafficking and CFT Awareness to Lombard International Assurance. The Compliance team wished to have a greater understanding of the problems associated with the financial aspects of extremism, and money laundering typologies of Organised Criminal Networks around Exploitation from a European perspective. Two good days of enthusiastic involvement from a talented and diligent team. Well done Lombard.



Continued engagement within the Netherlands - January 2019

As part of our continuing support to the Netherlands Financial Community, over the last 12 months Analysis International has provided ING with a Global Risk Assessment on Terrorist Financing, including an ongoing Training programme.

Analysis International continue to maintain close training ties with the staff at ING, Rabobank, Volksbank and DNB having also provided Human Trafficking and Outlaw Biker Gang AML programmes.

We at Analysis International will endeavour to maintain the quality of our programmes to meet the changing requirements and challenges faced by the talented and enthusiastic Financial Crime colleagues in the Netherlands

State and Federal law enforcement teams in the United States - January 2018

Analysis International has just completed an excellent three weeks working with RCTA in Meridian Mississippi where we have delivered the three day Financial Intelligence/Terrorist Cell Indicator Program to very receptive audiences in Atlanta, Meridian and Hattiesburg, made up of talented and enthusiastic State and Federal law enforcement teams.

Analysis International were particularly pleased that Suntrust Bank FIU staff attended as the cross-cultural approach and the dynamic was great to observe, particularly on the desk top exercise component.  Good for the FIU to get an understanding of what  law enforcement can do with data/transactions around Extremists and their plans, and for the law enforcement colleagues to understand the need to support the Financial sector partners with better Intelligence and feedback.  

The Aggregated Intelligence picture .


CSSF - July 2017

The Analysis International Training initiative on Radicalisation and Extremist/Terrorist activity in Banking has recently completed two very good programmes in Europe. Our relationship with CSSF in Luxembourg is two years strong and another team has been trained to review banking data looking at transactions and understanding the significance of activity from a Terrorism perspective. Our second programme on Human Trafficking/AML was carried out with great interest by the attendees. We drilled into the banking data and the group followed the trail of the traffickers across Europe. They now have a better understanding that nail bars and tanning shops are not just there to make you look beautiful.

Well done CSSF

Deutsche Bank - July 2017

Analysis International delivered the Terrorism programme to an excellent team at Deutsche Bank. I was pleased with the willingness to understand the significance of how a sequence of transactions over a period of time can have so much potential impact on the bank and our wider community. We at AI are convinced that the talent, capability and enthusiasm within the Financial institutions and regulators will be enhanced with quality support, training, and feedback from those with the knowledge and capability to so deliver.

FINTRAC - May 2017

Just completed the Analysis International training Simulation Exercise on Terrorist Cell and Radicalisation in banking data to FINTRAC CTF staff in Ottowa. A great program with a very talented and enthusiastic team, really opened their eyes to the opportunity to identify Extremism and radicalisation behaviour in banking transactions.