Creating confidence and greater effectiveness at analyzing and reporting on financial intelligence

The benefit for the attendees is that they can actually gain a better understanding of how the Intelligence apparatus can deal with this problem by enhancing their ability to recognize indicator activity within financial and associated data. 

Providing focus to the indicators that exist within financial data.

The emphasis is on mission critical analysis of financial data to stop a simulated atrocity taking place.


Analysis International current offering

Analysis International current offering



Identifying the stages of terrorist activity, such as Planning, Procurement, and Funding, through the analysis of real terrorist bank account records.

Utilizing financial intelligence methods to recognize the radicalization process of a foreign fighter and the red flags that indicate an imminent threat of terrorism.

Leveraging terrorist financing case studies that teach situational awareness techniques in analysis, critical thinking, and investigation skills.

Examining the material and financial intelligence leads gathered from terrorist operational sites and understanding their impact on identifying the threat.

Engaging in knowledge transfer sessions with experienced investigators of terrorism.



Identifying the stages of Exploitation and Trafficking of vulnerable persons through the analysis of financial data referred to as Human Trafficking Indicators or (HTI).

Utilizing financial intelligence methods to recognize the process of money laundering and red flags that will indicate exploitation and trafficking.

Review case studies that will raise greater awareness in the techniques of Human Trafficking and Exploitation as conducted by Organised Criminal Groups (OCGs) from a global perspective.

Examining financial data and other materials provided within the exercise, the students will be better placed to recognize the key indicators (HTI) that suggest that Trafficking and Exploitation are present within their accounts and customer base.



Typologies and Methods of Fraud/Financial crime.

Examine and critique relevant case study on the identification of predicate offences that apply in Fraud investigations, and then expand that learning into the effective analysis of financial data in a reactive and proactive investigation.

Learn to evaluate financial data in a Fraud/Corruption investigation more effectively to enhance the intelligence and investigative process.


Analysis International offer a selection of unrivalled complex simulated ‘live’ investigations packed with multiple data feeds including money laundering methodologies and intelligence leads aimed at experienced specialist investigators from financial institutions. 

These fully immersive courses have been designed to encourage critical thinking, assessment of intelligence, risk assessments, team work, and identification of intelligence gaps including diligent examination of banking documents.

Analysis International can build and deliver courses regarding OCNs to your institutions specifications.